Mysterious neighbors

So many friendly folk in my ’hood, and quite a few unfriendly ones. No biggie. Met neighbors on both sides and one across the way, and one behind the folks right in front of me (that is, on the next block north, with the same house # as I). Those across and to the left seem a group of young’uns, fulla drama, renting out the place.

But the house across the way is now shrouded in mystery. I have seen its inhabitants on only 3 occasions: tall blond dude and fashionable, giant-sunglassed chick. Age unknown. They wordlessly alight from a vehicle and sneak into their fenced-in yard and into the house through a side door. Car is all fucked up in the front, with no sign of attempts to fix it. Saw them get ready for what looked like a camping trip and, soon after I returned from a trip to the Chi, saw them return and unload. The car now has a bunch of dried-up spruce branches caught in the messed-up front. Bizarre.

Cooked up a storm and have stocked up with food for at least a week if not longer. New challenges were cooking with ryeberries, virgin coconut oil, sorghum flour, almond meal. Used burdock root, leeks, red peppers, bean sprouts, daikon, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, carrots, baby eggplants, sweet potatoes, heirloom beans in today’s palette of goodies. Fiber consumption at a near high.

With my washed plastic bags hanging from the clothesline and strange reading habits on front and back porches, curious wanderings through the eastown street festival, funny sounds and smells emerging from every orifice of the house: perhaps I’m the mysterious neighbor. no, more likely no one takes notice, blandly and blindly wandering from house to car and back without sniffing out anything rotten — or fragrant or unusual.

Cheers again to the pyramid scheme, with beer and music and pinball and art, there’s no need to venture anywhere else.

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